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Types of Games in our Casino

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Slots are one of the best luck-based games that you can find in a casino. If you want to try your luck on this game, then ours is a great platform to get started with. Hop on, register and try the best slot games you’ve ever played.


Another one of the famous luck-based games on the platform is the Roulette. Spin the wheel of luck and find out for yourself on where you land. If lady luck is by your side, you can even get your hands on the millions, you never know!


If you’re not a fan of the games as mentioned above, then Blakcjack is the one for you. Simple, elegant, yet can twist your brains and give it some work. Although the art of card counting does not work with us, you could still try other ways to win.

History Of Casino:

The advent of casinos dates back to centuries. It started with the European Gambling house with a traditional twist to the recent modern games, now.

New Addition to our Casino

Video Poker

Are you bored with the traditional poker game? Then here is a chance for you to make money by playing the video poker. Don’t miss this chance.


Try this game, if you haven’t already. Even though it is not as popular as blackjack, still it is an excellent alternative for the game.


Fix your crappy mood by playing craps and your crappy life by gaining or winning some money.

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"I love to play here it’s the best feeling"
Amanda D. Sheppard
"I love slots"
Gerald T. Darnell

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Successful Casino gamblers in the History of Gambling


For most of the novices or the new gamblers in the hood, casino gambling can be merely a fun activity that provides a brief amount of fun and entertainment and petty cash if they’re lucky. However, the same is not true for professionals or the seasoned casino gamblers. For them, casinos are holy destinations that either make or break their career. While a majority of the population loses money to blackjack, slots and many more, on the contrary, there are a handful of famous seasoned casino players that make millions out of their skill. In this article, we will discuss such famous personalities from the past that made history, by, merely using their abilities and gambling in a traditional casino ambience.

Billy Walters

This is one famous name in the casino gambling industry. Although he was a successful sports bettor, he was noted in the entire gambling industry that is better known for leveling up from rags to riches. He used to bet on the sports activities in the majority of the casinos located in Las Vegas. From the last thirty years, he has been on a continuous winning streak. Although a sport betting was not his only source of income from gambling; a majority of his fortune was divided from that activity.

Billy Walters

Edward Thorp

He is not famous for winning millions of dollars in casino establishments but is a strong name in the industry for introducing people to the art of card counting in games like Blackjack. He was a mathematics professor by profession and a born genius in this field. Hence, he has the extreme knowledge for turning the odds and the house edge against him and works them in his favour. The very first time started using the technique of card counting in blackjack, he won $11,000. He continued the same tactic to gain some practice and money from the method. Once the casino establishments figured the art of card counting, he disguised himself in various attires to prevent from getting caught. Eventually, he even wrote and published a book called ‘Beat the Dealer’ that deals with all the necessary tactics and tricks on card counting.

Edward Thorp

Phil Ivey

If you’re looking for the best role model for poker, then he is the one you ought to look up to. He won the world poker series ten times. According to various studies, online sites and books, he is also considered as one of the best poker players in the world. In 2012, he was lucky and talented ought to win $11 million by gambling on a game of Baccarat in a London casino. However, since he was using the technique of ‘edge-sorting;’ he ended up walking out empty-handed. He got using the system several items, yet he is considered one of the acceptable names in the industry of poker and casino gambling.

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